Doc Comments


This plugin aims to bring GoogleDocs-style comments to Neovim.


It has only been tested in Neovim version 0.6.1 on Mac OS. It will not work in Vim.

Usage & Configuration

This plugin defines three commands: MakeComment, GetComment, and DeleteComment. MakeComment is used in visual mode to add a comment to the selected text, GetComment gets the comment under or before the cursor, and DeleteComment deletes the comment under or before the cursor. Example mappings:

vnoremap c :MakeComment<cr>
nnoremap <leader>dc :DeleteComment<cr>
nnoremap <leader>gc :GetComment<cr>

This plugin does not remap any keys by default.

Comments are stored in a plaintext file in the same directory as the file they reference and are named according to the convention .[name of original file]_comments. This plugin should not create a comment file until you actually make a comment.

Doc Comments uses the following variables for customization: g:DocCommentsHighlightGroup, the highlight group for commented text (defaults to “Underlined”); g:DocCommentsPreviewHeight, the height of the window to display comments (defaults to 10); and g:DocCommentsPreviewWidth, the width of the window to display comments (defaults to 55).


Install manually or use Vim-Plug:

Plug 'oxytocin/DocComments'

Other plugin managers will probably also work.


Open to suggestions; this is my first vim plugin, so I am sure there is room for improvement. Please submit issues for bugs. Pull requests are welcome.


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