? Gorzz Music Projects ?

A bot that can play music on Telegram Group and Channel Voice Chats


Available on telegram as @gorrzmusicbot


  • Thumbnail Support
  • Playlist Support
  • Current playback support
  • Showing track names when skipping
  • Zero downtime, Fully Stable
  • Deezer,Youtube & Saavn playback support
  • Settings panel
  • Control with buttons
  • Userbot auto join

? Deployment

⚔ Self-hosting (For Devs)

# Install Git First (apt-instll git)
$ git clone https://github.com/vckyou/Geez-MusicProject
$ cd Geez-MusicProject
# Upgrade sources
# Install All Requirements 
$ pip(3) install -r requirements.txt
# Rename example.env to local.env and fill
$ npm i -g npm
# Start Bot 
$ python(3) -m GeezProject

? Heroku


Get pyrogram (p) SESSION from here:
Run on Repl.it

Commands for Group ?

For all in group

  • /playlist – Show now playing list
  • /current – Show now playing
  • /song <song name> – download songs you want quickly
  • /search <query> – search videos on youtube with details
  • /deezer <song name> – download songs you want quickly via deezer
  • /saavn <song name> – download songs you want quickly via saavn
  • /video <song name> – download videos you want quickly

Admins only.

  • /play <song name> – play song you requested
  • /play <reply to audio> – play replied file
  • /dplay <song name> – play song you requested via deezer
  • /splay <song name> – play song you requested via jio saavn
  • /player – open music player settings panel
  • /pause – pause song play
  • /resume – resume song play
  • /skip – play next song
  • /end – stop music play
  • /userbotjoin – invite assistant to your chat
  • /userbotleave – remove assistant from your chat
  • /admincache – Refresh admin list


  • .yes – approove someone to pm you
  • .no – disapproove someone to pm you
  • Sudo Users can execute any command in any groups


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Special Credits

This bot is based on the original work done by Rojserbest. Without his hardwork Geez Music won’t exist.
Geez-Project is a modified version of Callsmusic