This is the official PyTorch implementation of the paper Green Hierarchical Vision Transformer for Masked Image Modeling.

Group Attention Scheme.

Method Overview.


If you find our work interesting or use our code/models, please cite:

  title={Green Hierarchical Vision Transformer for Masked Image Modeling},
  author={Huang, Lang and You, Shan and Zheng, Mingkai and Wang, Fei and Qian, Chen and Yamasaki, Toshihiko},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2205.13515},


  • Pre-trained checkpoints
  • Pre-training code
  • Fine-tuning code

Pre-trained Models

Swin-Base (Window 7×7) Swin-Base (Window 14×14) Swin-Large (Window 14×14)
pre-trained checkpoint Download Download Download


The pre-training scripts are given in the scripts/ folder. The scripts with names start with ‘run*’ are for non-slurm users while the others are for slurm users.

For Non-Slurm Users

To train a Swin-B with on a single node with 8 GPUs.

PORT=23456 NPROC=8 bash scripts/

For Slurm Users

To train a Swin-B with on a single node with 8 GPUs.

bash scripts/ [Partition] [NUM_GPUS] 

Instructions for non-slurm users will be available soon.

Fine-tuning on ImageNet-1K

Model #Params Pre-train Resolution Fine-tune Resolution Config [email protected] (%)
Swin-B (Window 7×7) 88M 224×224 224×224 Config 83.7
Swin-L (Window 14×14) 197M 224×224 224×224 Config 85.1

Currently, we directly use the code of SimMIM for fine-tuning, please follow their instructions to use the configs. NOTE that, due to the limited computing resource, we use a batch size of 1024 (128 x 8) for Swin-B and a batch size of 768 (48 x 16) for fine-tuning.


This code is based on the implementations of MAE, SimMIM, BEiT, SwinTransformer, and DeiT.


This project is under the CC-BY-NC 4.0 license. See LICENSE for details.


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