Growtopia Private Server Controler

Module For Controle Your GTPS | Build in Python3

Creator Information

iFanPS DB:

  • Name : iRfan
  • Age : 17
  • Come From: Mars

NumeX DB:

  • Name : Christian
  • Age : 19
  • Come From : Mars

GuckTubeYT (

  • Inspirator


> You can see the example on Example Folder
> Quick Example:
> def online(self, online_file):
            player_online = open(f"{online_file}").readlines()
            return f'{player_online[0]} is Online!!'
            raise FileNotFoundPS

Installing Module

> pip install pscontroll

Basic Configuration

> Make Sure You Already install a Python3
> Install The Module

list Worker

> Status (See server status)
> Online (See online player)
> Player (See player account total)
> World (See total worlds created)
> Start (Start the Server)
> Stop (Stop the server)
> Givepgems (Give player gems)
> Giveplevel (Give player level)
> Giveproles (Give player roles)
> Countsize_Pwfolder (Count player and world folder size)
> Maintactive and Deactive (Maintenance activator and deactive)
> Pdelete (Delete player data)
> Wdelete (Delete world)

To Do list

  • Command:
  • Auto Backup
GitHub - iFanpSGTS/PSController_Module at
A module that can manage you’re gtps. Contribute to iFanpSGTS/PSController_Module development by creating an account on GitHub.