System Monitoring Center

GTK3 and Python3 based, simple multiple image editor tool.

Note: Development of this application is not completed yet. The application is not in stable or beta phase. Some functions may not work. Edited image files may not be opened.

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Download Multiple Image Editor

Packaging status

Generating Packages From Source Code:

1) Download the source code
2) Browse /packaging_scripts folder
3) Open terminal in this folder
4) Run the required script without "sudo"
   sh [script file name].sh

Note: If there are uninstalled dependency problems during installation:
      Try installing the application after installing the dependencies.

Note2: For RPM based distributions:
       Generate RPM package by using the installation script and install it,
       if the application is not run after installation of the downloaded RPM package.


  • The application has some features such as scaling, cropping, rotating, flipping, changing brightness/sharpness/contrast and changing format of multiple images.
  • Language support (more languages will be added if translations are provided by contributors):
    • English, Turkish
  • Adapts to system theme
  • Free and open sourced

System Monitoring Center

System Monitoring Center


  • Python 3 (Programming language)
  • GTK3 (GUI)
  • python3-pil (for image editing)


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