I have been using sway since 2019 and find it the most comfortable working environment, but… Have you ever missed all the graphical bells and whistles in your panel, we used to have in tint2? It happens to me. That’s why I decided to try to code a GTK-based panel, including best features from my two favourites: Waybar and tint2. Many thanks to Developers and Contributors of the both projects!

Development status is alpha. Errors are expected (please report!). Breaking changes may, and probably will occur.

There are 7 modules available at the moment, and I don’t plan on many more. Basis system controls are available in the Controls module, and whatever else you may need, there’s an executor for that.


Modules – as for today


Panel widget with a popup window, including sliders, some system info, user-defined rows and customizable menu (top right in the picture);


Shows tasks from a selected or all outputs, with the program icon and name; allows switching between them, toggle the container layout (tabbed stacking splitv splith) with the mouse scroller, move to workspaces, toggle floating and kill with the right-click menu (bottom left);


Simple Gtk.Button with an icon, and a command assigned to it (top left corner);


Not really necessary set of textual buttons to switch between workspaces (not in the picture);


Just a label to show the date command output in the format of your choice (top center);


Set of buttons, and a label to control mpris media player with the Playerctl utility (top left);


Last but not least: the Executor module displays an icon, and a label on the basis of a script output, in user-defined intervals (bottom right, and the weather executor next to the clock).

See Wiki for more information.