Guess the password for Tik Tok accounts

Tool features :

  • You don’t need proxies
  • There is no captcha
  • Running on a private api
  • Combo Type: user:pass
  • It works on all devices
  • Unfortunately it’s a little slow

install in kali linux :

sudo git clone

cd Brute-force-Tiktok

How do I operate the tool? :

  • Now that we have downloaded it and opened the tool folder, put the combo file in the same folder
  • After this, run the tool as follows :

  • Now enter the type of your device, if it is a phone, put the number 2, if it is a computer, put the number 1
  • Then enter the name of the combo list file and press enter

  • Note: The combo is a file that contains a group of accounts combined with passwords [username:password]

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