GUI to enable user selection of measurement and station in kHTConnector module.

Helper tool for PowerBI users

If you’re planning to import data into powerBI using the kHilltopConnector module ()

  1. click getdata option from the ribbon
  2. Select other in filter menu and select python script
  3. Use the following code in the script window

import kHTGui selection = kHTGui.kHTGui() import kHilltopConnector as kHK kHTop = kHK.kHilltopConnector(apiUrl=’’,refreshInterval=24*3600) kHTop.selectMeasurement = selection.measurementAndSite[‘selectMeasurement’] kHTop.selectSite = selection.measurementAndSite[‘selectSite’] data = kHTop.fetchData(fetchYearsAtATime=0,scaleFactor=1000)

Hope it helps

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