Awesome Hand Gesture Detection

An awesome hand gesture detection project for you to be creative! Imagination is the limit to do with this project.

About The Project

Artificial Intelligence is paving it's way into world greatly. Using hand gestures to get the job done is an important feature that we can use to get the best out of AI. I found that there are scattered repos on this topic over the internet, I thought of making an app using this AI and publish it. So that people like you can learn all of from one place and can use that as an app anywhere they want.

If you are here because:

  • You want to learn about using AI hand gestures to solve a problem
  • You don't want to roam around sites to learn different parts of hand gestures AI.
  • You love AI

Then you are at the right repo. Let's build something amazing then. If you get the time and love my repo then please consider giving it a star and follow :)


A list of commonly used resources that I find helpful are listed in the acknowledgements.

Built With

You cannot run this program in Google Colab. Because we will use webcam in this project. To run it in Googel Colab your would have change the code of webcam video streaming part.

Getting Started

To get started with this project to run locally follow the steps below. After that you will be ready to go.


Please clone the repo using the following command in your git bash. Or you choose to use the Clone option at the top right corner of this page to copy the link and clone it into your IDE directly.

  • Clone the repo

    git clone


  1. Install PyQt5 to implement layout design of the app from QT Designer

    pip install pyqt5  
  2. Install OpenCV to customize the images and video stream from webcam.

    pip install opencv-python
  3. Install Mediapipe to implement ML technology to detect hand and landmarks.

    pip install mediapipe


Use this project to make awesome apps or softwares implementing hand gesture feature. Be creative!

For more examples, please refer to the Link