This is a quick-and-dirty tool used to scrape bitcoin/bitcoin pull request and
commentary data.

Each output/<pr number> folder contains

  • comments.json: an aggregated list of both issue and review comments, in Github’s
    original format
  • commits.json: a list of commit objects corresponding to the PR, in Github’s
    original format
  • pr.json: the pull request object, in Github’s original format
  • comments_abbrev.csv: abbreviated representation of each comment in CSV format
  • pr_abbrev.csv: abbreviated representation of the PR in CSV format
  • done: the datetime we retrieved the PR data


Right now this doesn’t really handle open PRs (or PRs that are expected to be updated)
properly since it will not refresh data once the done sentinel is created. This could
be fixed by comparing various timestamps to the done sentinel and overwriting.

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