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Slim Container Size

These containers were created for my personal hardware development projects and courses duing my undergraduate degree. Please feel free to use them and give feedback, as I am always looking to improve them. hdl/containers also have a great selection of containers designed for hardware development, so be sure to check them out as well.

Getting Started

To get started with this container, pull either the slim or full variants from the Docker:

docker pull mluckydwyer/hw-ci:slim
docker pull mluckydwyer/hw-ci:full

This container also has support for VScode Development Containers and Github Code Spaces. In both cases, the full variant will be used, as it is intended for development and includes additional tools (See the Tools sections for more details).


This container is split into two variants, slim and full. The slim variant contains all of the primary simulation and testing tools needed for CD/CI hardware development and is intended to be used unattended. The full variant is built on top of the slim container and also includes additional tools that are useful when using the container for development. See the table below for additional details:

Tool Slim Full
Base OS Centos 7 Centos 7
Size (Download) ~4.6 GB ~5.2 GB
Size (Extracted) ~11.5 GB ~14 GB
Modelsim (Intel)
CocoTB + AXI, Coverage, and Pytest Plugins
Python 3.6.14
Pytest + Plugins
GCC 8 + GNAT (Ada Core 2017) + Make
VNC (NoVNC Web Server)
VSCode Server
Matplotlib (Python)
Debugpy + Remote_pdb (Python)
Yowasp-Yosys + VSG (Python)
TerosHDL (VSCode)
Vim + Nano
Sudo + Wget + Htop
GUI Tool Helper Scripts

CprE 480: GPU Architecture (Iowa State)

This container was originally created for the verifiaction of the OpenGL complient GPUs desined in this course. Thus, it purposefully includes VHDL simulation tools and Pytest support to make verification as easy as possible. For templates of lab verificaiton testbenches and automated Gitlab and Github Actions, please reach out to me either over e-mail or the alumni channel in Discord.

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