chkdns PyPI version

Harness the power of whatsmydns from the command-line.


Installing with pip

pip install chkdns


chkdns --host

Alternatively you can run with docker:

docker run -rm -it --host


Install dependencies

Install dependencies with poetry:

poetry install


To keep local builds consistent with ci, use make to build and lint:

make build

Install pre commit hooks

The project uses pre-commit for commit time checking. You can find the configuration here.

pre-commit install

Releasing stuff

Releasing is a semi manual but well oiled method. Tags are used to trigger the release steps in the ci process.

Running the following make command will tag and push the latest commit triggering a release.

make tag version="v0.0.5"

Note: Releases can only be generated from the main branch.

Runing locally

You can either build a new package using make build and install it or run the package directly:

poetry run chkdns


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