Elicit Distributions

Assists with the construction of probability distributions built from expert elicited data for use in monte carlo simulations.


Until this is packaged for pip, copy elicit_distibutions.py in your code. Then:

import elicited

elicited is just a helper tool when using numpy and scipy, so you’ll need these too.

import numpy as np
import scipy


See Occurance and Applications for examples of lognormal distributions in nature.

Expert: I have assets at risk that would generate a wide range of losses.

Elicitor: What is the most common value of these assets?

Expert: About $ 20K (val_mod)

Elicitor: What’s the largest asset value you can imagine?

Expert: I suppose it could go as high as $2.5M (val_max)

Lognormal requires mean and standard deviation.

logN_mean, logN_stdv = elicitLogNormal(val_mod, val_max)


The 80/20 rule. See Occurance and Applications

Expert: The legal costs of an incident could be devastating.

Elicitor: How devastating are we talking?

Expert: Well, typically costs are zero (val_min), but a black swan could be $100M (val_max).

Elicitor: So we can assume yoru minimum legal costs for an incident are zero, and your maximum costs are $100M?

Expert: Sure.

b = elicitPareto(val_min, val_max)
p = pareto(b, loc=val_min-1., scale=1.))


See PERT Distribution

Expert: We have accounts that could be lost and result in losses.

Elicitor: What is the dollar value of these accounts?

Expert: About $500-$6000 (val_min / val_max).

Elicitor: What’s the most common account? (val_mod)

Expert: Probably around $4500.

PERT_a, PERT_b = elicitPERT(val_min, val_mod, val_max)
pert = beta(PERT_a, PERT_b, loc=val_min, scale=val_max-val_min)


See Occurance and Application

This is done in numpy without assistance from elicitor. As a courtesy for those looking to use it, here’s an example.

Example Code


See Applications

Expert: We are concerned about lawsuits relatd to a breach.

Elicitor: Assuming a breach happens, how many litigants will there be?

Expert: One or a few. We could also see an Equifax-like situation. (nMin)

Elicitor: So most likely only a handful of litigants. What’s a nightmare situation?

Expert: I’d guess maybe 30 or more litigants? (nMax)

Elicitor: How likely would it be to have more than 30 litigants?

Expert: Very unlikely, most cases would only have a few, as I said.

Elicitor: Let’s give it a number. Is it one-in-a-thousand, or million cases?

Expert: I’d say one in a million cases. (pMax)

Zs = elicitZipf(nMin, nMax, pMax, report=True)

pd = zipf(Zs, nMin-1)


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