evtx-hunter helps to quickly spot interesting security-related activity in Windows Event Viewer (EVTX) files.

It can process a high number of events quickly, making it suitable for use during investigations and hunting activities across a high number of collected events.


What is evtx-hunter

evtx-hunter is a Python tool that generates a web report of interesting activity observed
in EVTX files. The tool comes with a few predefined rules to help you get going. This includes
rules to spot for example:

  • The first time a certain DNS domain is queried;
  • The first time a certain process is launched;
  • New service installations;
  • User account lockouts;
  • ...

New use cases can easily be added to support your use case:

  • rules/first_occurence.json: monitor the first time something happens that matches the rule, such as installing
    a new (malicious) service or using a compromised user account.

  • rules/interesting_events.json: monitor each time something happens that matches the rule, such as clearing
    the audit log or installing a new service.

Why evtx-hunter?

We developed evtx-hunter to quickly process a large volume of events stored in EVTX dump files during
incident response activities.
We love tools like Event Log Explorer
and Evtx Explorer but found them
most suited to deep dive into a specific EVTX file - quickly spotted interesting activity across a large number
of EVTX events is something we were missing - this was the reason to develop and release evtx-hunter.


evtx-hunter only runs on Windows due to its dependency on
EVTX Parsing library, which is included in the tool.

It requires Python (tested in python 3.9 but any version >=python 3.0 will most likely work).


pip install -r requirements.txt


python evtx_hunter.py <evtx_folder>

Once the EVTX files have been processed, a link on the command line will be printed to view the
generated report in your browser (typically


We plan to continuously improve this tool in a few different ways, based on our experience
using it during incidents where EVTX files require investigation:

  • Add new rules to spot new interesting activity in EVTX files;
  • Improve how the information is presented in the resulting report;
  • Make the reports interactive (live filtering & searching for example).