Hexa is an advanced browser.It can carry out all the functions present in a browser.It is coded in the language Python using the modules PyQt5 and sys mainly.It is gonna get developed more in the future.It is made specially for the students.Only 1 tab can be used while using it so that the students cant missuse the pandemic situation ? Steps to run- Process 1- A)Downlolad the Folder. B)Open the folder. C)Go to the top part of the adress and type cmd. D)Type the file name if any error like this comes ModuleNotFoundError: No module named’Module name’ then just type pip install ‘Module name’. E)After installing all the file will run and we can use it freely. NOTE-PYTHON AND PIP NEED TO BE THERE IN THE ENVIRONMENT PARTICLES OF THE COMPUTER FOR THE MODULES TO INSTALL AND RUN PROPERLY.


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