Spectral decomposition for characterizing long-range interaction profiles in Hi-C maps.

Snakemake workflow for the unsupervised method presented in Spracklin, Abdennur et al., 2021.


  1. Place supplementary bigwig file information in config/track_metadata.tsv to include in graphical outputs. Must be tab-delimited, including header. Must have columns:
  • Name: a display name
  • ID: a unique identifier to use in the database (can be the same as Name)
  • FileFormat: must be the string bigWig
  • Path: a local path to the file
  1. Edit config.yaml.

  2. Run:

# Generate pre-aggregated supplementary bigwig tracks if provided
$ snakemake make_track_db --force --cores all

# Run the pipeline
$ snakemake --cores all


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