High capacity, high availability, well connected, fast lightning node.

We aim to become a top liquidity provider for the lightning network.

  • Actively managed liquidity, virtually guaranteeing successful payments up to your channel size.
  • Large channels to popular destinations and major routing nodes.
  • Open channels to any node, for a friend, or to your favorite service provider.
  • Private LN-only interface via Tor, minimizing our attack surface and maintaining uptime.
  • Fast clustered servers for reliability.
  • Up to 1.5BTC channels, minimum 100k sats. Larger available on request with proven routing history.
  • Competitive pricing and fees.

Quick and easy

Use request_channel.py to request an incoming channel.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lnd-routing/lnd-routing/master/request_channel.py
python3 request_channel.py

Channel open requests

We have developed a keysend based protocol for paid channel requests. It is based on the keysend messaging protocol.

To request a channel opening, send us a keysend of (desired_channel_value * 0.0025) + 500 sats with custom records 1667785070=01 (for a public channel) or 1667785070=02 (for a private channel) and 34349339=
. You can optionally include a message in record 34349334 as a hex encoded UTF-8 string. Our node will attempt to connect to yours and open a channel within a few seconds.

  • Minimum channel size is 100,000 sats.
  • Maxmimum channel size is 1.5 btc.
  • Channels remain open as long as they are active.
  • Minimum 1 month of inactivity before closing, only if liquidity is needed elsewhere.

Automatic refunds for failed channel openings are issued via keysend to the specified node.

Please check your data carefully, refunds are only automatically issued for failed channel openings, not invalid inputs. We highly suggest using request_channel.py.

Our node will attempt to look up and connect to yours, but for best results, connect to us as a peer prior to requesting a channel.

lncli connect 02a[email protected]lndroutekytme3xds6cmbxaniretdgox2hk4cpu4k27jnub3gkfeuhqd.onion:9735

lightning-cli connect 02a[email protected]lndroutekytme3xds6cmbxaniretdgox2hk4cpu4k27jnub3gkfeuhqd.onion:9735

eclair-cli connect --uri=02a[email protected]lndroutekytme3xds6cmbxaniretdgox2hk4cpu4k27jnub3gkfeuhqd.onion:9735

We currently only have instructions for paying for channel requests from LND, but the destination node can be running any implementation.


Replace the parts containing brackets. We have received several channel requests to the non-existant example nodes.

<div class="snippet-clipboard-content position-relative" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content="lncli sendpayment –keysend –amt \
–dest 02ab583d430015f3b6b41730434b5fac264901b50199f0b9becc0a98a365f581a9 \
–data 1667785070=01,34349339=

lncli sendpayment --keysend  --amt <(desired_channel_value * 0.0025) + 500> \
--dest 02ab583d430015f3b6b41730434b5fac264901b50199f0b9becc0a98a365f581a9 \
--data 1667785070=01,34349339=