Python Program: Hilo Game ?


Hilo is a game in which the player guesses if the next card drawn by the dealer will be higher or lower than the previous one. Points are won or lost based on whether or not the player guessed correctly. The objetive of this project is to use class definitions to simulate an actual game of Hilo according to the rules given in the documentation (see link below).

For further information please visit the following link

Python Version:

To run this script python>3.5 is recommended

Getting Started ?

  • Download and extract the repository.
  • Open a terminal and move to the with the cd command to the path where the folder was extract: $ cd “/path/to/project/folder”
  • From within the repo directory run the command
    $ python (for old versions of python3 run $ python3



Class Card

Class Player

Following the logic of the real game, every game has a “player” and this player is responsible of start and manage the game and keep control of it during it’s development, therefore, the class Player is the responsible of start the game, take the cards values and compare them


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