The Watchman

The world around us is constantly changing and so is Home Assistant. How often have you found yourself in a situation when your automations had stopped working because some entities become permanently unavailable or services changed their name? For example, Home Assistant companion app can easily change the name of its services and sensors it exposes to Home Assistant if you changed the device name in the app configuration. The watchman is an attempt to control such changes and make you able to react proactively, before some critical automation gets broken.

What does it do

The watchman is a custom integration for Home Assistant, which collects all the Home Assistant entities (sensors, timers, input_selects, etc.) mentioned in your yaml configuration files as well as all the services. Having a list of all entities, the app checks their actual state one by one and reports those are not available or missing. For services it checks whether service is available in the HA service registry and reports missing services via notification service of choice (unless it is missing too :). The example of a report is given below.

Disclaimer and some internal details

The integration has very simple internals, it knows nothing about complex relationships and dependencies among yaml configuration files as well as nothing about the semantics of entities and automations. It parses yaml files line by line in the given folders and tries to guess references either to an entity or to a service, based on the regular expression heuristics. The above means the integration can give both false positives (something which looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, but is not) and false negatives (when some entity in a configuration file was not detected by the integration). To reduce false positives ignored_items parameter can be used (see Configuration section below), improvements for false negatives are a goal for future releases.

Installation using Home Assistant Community Store

This is a recommended way to install watchman. Installation in HACS is done in three simple steps:

  1. Go to the “Integrations” section on HACS, tap the three-dots menu in the upper right corner, go to “Custom repositories”. Add new repository dummylabs/thewatchman with Integration category. If Custom Repositories is hidden, wait until background task of HACS finished and custom repositories are unblocked.
  2. Click the big blue button “Explore and download repositories” and search for “watchman”, then click “Download this repository with HACS”.

Quick start

Add watchman section to configuration.yaml file and restart Home Assistant.


Go to Developer Tools -> Services, type watchman and select Watchman: report service then press “Call Service” button. Check thewatchman_report.txt file in your configuration directory.



Key Required Description Default
service False Home assistant notification service to sent report via, e.g. notify.telegram None
data False A yaml dictionary with additional notification service parameters, see Advanced usage examples below
included_folders False List of folders to scan for entities and services recursively "/config"
report_header False Custom header for watchman report "-== Watchman Report ==-"
report_path False Report file location "/config/watchman_report.txt"
ignored_items False List of items to ignore. The entity/service will be excluded from the report if their name matches a rule from the ignore list. Wildcards are supported, see Advanced Configuration example below. None
ignored_states False List of entity states which should be excluded from the report. Possible values are: missing, unavailable, unknown None
chunk_size False Some notification services, e.g., Telegram, refuse to deliver a message if its size is greater than some internal limit. This key allows to set average size of a message in bytes. If report text size exceeds chunk_size, the report will be sent in several subsequent notifications 3500
ignored_files False Allows to ignore a specific file or a whole folder using wildcards, see Advanced usage examples below. Takes precedence over included_folders. None
check_lovelace False Parse Lovelace UI configuration data stored in .storage folder (experimental) False

Advanced configuration example

    - "*/automations.yaml" # a file (entries with leading wildcards must be enclosed in quotes)
    - /config/esphome/* # a whole folder
    - /config/custom_components/*
    - /config/appdaemon/*
    - /config/www/*
  service: notify.telegram
  report_path: /config/report.txt
  chunk_size: 2000
    - timer.cancelled
    - timer.finished
    - timer.started
    - timer.restarted
    - timer.paused
    - sensor.* # ignore everything in sensor domain 
    - "*.*_ble"  # ignore any entity/service which name ends with "_ble" 
    - unknown


The report can be initiated by calling service from Developer Tools UI, an automation or a script. Default location is /config/thewatchman_report.txt, it can be altered by report_path parameter.
If no parameters set, the service will create a text report and send a notification via notification service from configuration parameter service. A long report will be split into several messages due to limitations imposed by some notification services (e.g. telegram). Service behavior can be altered with optional parameters:

  • create_file (optional, default=true)
  • send_notification (optional, default=true)
  • service (optional, overrides eponymous parameter from configuration.yaml)
  • data(optional, overrides eponymous parameter from configuration.yaml)
  • parse_config (optional, default=false)
  • chunk_size (optional, default is 3500 or whatever specified in configuration.yaml)

If create_file or send_notification event pafameters were not set, they are true by default. The parameter service allows sending report dat via notification service of choice. Along with data and chunk_size it overrides settings from configuration.yaml file.
parse_config forces watchman to parse Home Assistant configuration files to gather entity and services information. Usually this is not required as watchman will automatically re-parse files once Home Assistant tries to reload configuration.
Also see Advanced usage examples section at the bottom of this document.

Call service from Home Assistant UI

![service example](./images/service_examp le.png)

Automation example

service: ad.watchman.audit
create_file: false
  service: persistent_notification.create

Besides of the report, a few sensors will be automatically created or updated:

  • watchman.missing_entities
  • watchman.missing_services

Example of a watchman report

Please note that the ASCII table format is only used when report is saved to a file. For notification services watchman uses plain text list due to presentation limitations.


-== Missing 1 service(-s) from 38 found in your config:
| Service                        | State   | Location                                 |
| xiaomi_miio.vacuum_goto        | missing | automations.yaml:599,605                 |

-== Missing 3 entity(-es) from 216 found in your config:
| Entity                         | State   | Location                                 |
| sensor.stats_pm25_10_median    | unavail | customize.yaml:14                        |
| sensor.xiaomi_miio_sensor      | unavail | automations.yaml:231,1348                |
| vacuum.roborock_s5max          | unavail | automations.yaml:589,603,610,1569        |

-== Report created on 03 Feb 2022 17:18:55
-== Parsed 200 files in 0.96s., ignored 66 files 
-== Generated in: 0.01s. Validated in: 0.00s.

Advanced usage examples

Additional notification service parameters in configuration.yaml

Notification service can be specified in extended format along with additional service parameters.

  service: telegram_bot.send_message
    title: Hello
    parse_mode: html

Additional notification service parameters in Watchman: report service

You can use an arbitrary notification service with service. Service paramaters takes precedence over eponymous settings in configuration.yaml.

  service: telegram_bot.send_message
    title: Hello
    parse_mode: html

Send report as a text file via telegram bot

You should add report folder to a Home Assistant whitelist, otherwise telegram_bot will be unable to pick files from the folder (see example configuration below).

  service: telegram_bot.send_document
    file: '/config/thewatchman_report.txt'

⚠️ Whitelisting the configuration folder can be unsafe, use it at your own risk or put report file in a separate folder.

    - /config/

Exclude specific file or folder from the report

Specific files or even whole folders can be excluded from the report using wildcards, see example below. Wildcards in configuration file should be enclosed in quotes. This is more powerful alternative to excluded_folders parameter which will be deprecated in the future.

    # wildcards must be enclosed in quotes!
    - "*.yaml" # exclude all yaml files from the report
    - "/config/entities/*" # exclude all files in /config/entities
    - "*/automations.yaml" # exclude automations.yaml file only


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