Intex Spa integration for Home Assistant

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Intex brand is not involved in any way with this integration.

Please read the license file before use, and the manufacturer documentation.

What it does

This component relies on Intex Spa Python package. It connects to your spa via your local network, and does not rely on the cloud.

This component will set up the following entites:

Platform Entity Description
climate Climate Climate controller for water heating
switch Jets Switch for toggling jets
switch Bubbles Switch for toggling bubbles
switch Power Switch for toggling power state
switch Filter Switch for toggling water filtering
switch Sanitizer Switch for toggling water electrolysis

Dashboard example



Installation is done using HACS:

  1. Go to your Home Assistant instance
  2. Go to “HACS” tab -> “Integrations” -> Click “+”
  3. Search for “Intex Spa” -> Select it -> Click “Download with HACS”


Configuration is done via Home Assistant interface.

  1. Go to your Home Assistant instance
  2. Go to “Settings” -> “Devices & Services” -> Click “+”
  3. Search for “Intex Spa” -> Select it
  4. Fill in the local IP or FQDN of your spa


Contributions are welcome :

  • If you face an issue
  • If you want to translate the integration to your language
  • If you want to contribute in any way

…please read the Contribution guidelines.


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