Panasonic Comfort Cloud MQTT Bridge

Home-Assistant MQTT bridge for Panasonic Comfort Cloud.

Note: Currently this brige is a one evening prototype project. Main features should work but corner cases will definitely cause problems. Current version has only been tested with model CS-HZ25UKE. Let me know if you hit any issues.


Uses pcomfortcloud for Panasonic Comfort Cloud and paho-mqtt for MQTT.


  • Auto-discovery notification for HA
  • Operating mode support
  • Target temperature support
  • State verification updates


usage: [-h] [-u USERNAME] [-P PASSWORD] [-s SERVER] [-p PORT] [-t TOPIC]

Home-Assistant MQTT bridge for Panasonic Comfort Cloud

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                        Panasonic Comfort Cloud username, usually email address. Environment variable `USERNAME`
                        Panasonic Comfort Cloud password. Environment variable `PASSWORD`
-s SERVER, --server SERVER
                        MQTT server address, default `localhost`. Environment variable: `MQTT`
-p PORT, --port PORT  MQTT server port, default 1883. Environment variable `MQTT_PORT`
-t TOPIC, --topic TOPIC
                        MQTT discovery topic prefix, default `homeassistant`. Environment variable TOPIC_PREFIX.

Example install / use,

pip3 install .
python3 -u [email protected] -P 123password -s

Missing Features

High Priority

  • Error handling in general
  • Proper entity id generation (currenlty will fail with really wild names)
  • Additonal sensors for inside and outside temperature
  • Proper documentation
  • Docker package
  • Proper shutdown

Maybe Someday

  • Fan mode support
  • Support for Eco mode
  • Support for Nano mode
  • Fan speed support
  • Service state events
  • Stop listening to all events in HA topic
  • Power usage metrics


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