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Python 3.7


Honeybee extension for export a HBJSON file to IES-VE GEM file format



pip install honeybee-ies


import pathlib
from honeybee.model import Model

path_to_hbjson = './tests/assets/sample_model_45.hbjson'
path_to_out_folder = pathlib.Path('./tests/assets/temp')
path_to_out_folder.mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) 
model = Model.from_hbjson(path_to_hbjson)
# the to_gem method is added to model by honeybee-ies library
gem_file = model.to_gem(path_to_out_folder.as_posix(), name='sample_model_45')

You can also run the command from CLI

honeybee-ies translate model-to-gem ./tests/assets/revit_sample_model.hbjson --name revit-sample-model

Local Development

  1. Clone this repo locally

git clone [email protected]:ladybug-tools/honeybee-ies

# or

git clone
  1. Install dependencies:

cd honeybee-ies
pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run Tests:
python -m pytest tests/
  1. Generate Documentation:

sphinx-apidoc -f -e -d 4 -o ./docs ./honeybee_ies
sphinx-build -b html ./docs ./docs/_build/docs


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