HOOK-Worm Pentest the Modern Web Author: [Free.Programmer] Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage done using this tool. This tool should only be used for educational purposes and for penetration testing.


Any platform using Python

###Requirements: Python 2.7 Modules(included): Colorama, BeautifulSoup

###Description: hook-pentester is an All-In-One Tool for Penetration Testing. This is specially programmed for Penetration Testers and Security Researchers to make their job easier, instead of launching different tools for performing different task. hook-pentester provides multiple features and detection features which gather target information and finds different flaws in it.


Sub-domain Scanning Port Scanning WordPress Scanning WordPress Username Enumeration WordPress Backup Grabbing Sensitive File Detection Same-Site Scripting Scanning Click Jacking Detection Powerful XSS vulnerability scanning SQL Injection vulnerability scanning User-Friendly UI

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