FGO game data API

HTTP API for FGO game data. Transform the raw game data into something a bit more manageable.

Environment variables

List of environment variables for the main app.

Required environment variables

  • NA_GAMEDATA: path to NA gamedata's folder that contains the master and ScriptActionEncrypt folders.
  • JP_GAMEDATA: path to JP gamedata's folder that contains the master and ScriptActionEncrypt folders.
  • NA_POSTGRESDSN: PostgreSQL DSN to a database for NA.
  • JP_POSTGRESDSN: PostgreSQL DSN to a database for JP.
  • REDISDSN: Redis DSN to a Redis server for caching.

Optional environment variables

  • ASSET_URL: defaults to https://assets.atlasacademy.io/GameData/. Base URL for the game assets.
  • RAYSHIFT_API_KEY: default to "". Rayshift.io API key to pull quest data.
  • RAYSHIFT_API_URL: default to https://rayshift.io/api/v1/. Rayshift.io API URL.
  • QUEST_CACHE_LENGTH: default to 3600. How long to cache the quest and war endpoints in seconds. Because the rayshift data is updated continously, web and quest endpoints have lower cache time.
  • WRITE_POSTGRES_DATA: default to True. Overwrite the data in PostgreSQL when importing.
  • WRITE_REDIS_DATA: default to True. Overwrite the data in Redis when importing.
  • OPENAPI_URL: default to None. Set the server URL in the openapi schema export.
  • EXPORT_ALL_NICE: default to False. If set to True, at start the app will generate nice data of all servant and CE and serve them at the /export endpoint. It's recommended to serve the files in the /export folder using nginx or equivalent webserver to lighten the load on the API server.
  • DOCUMENTATION_ALL_NICE: default to False. If set to True, there will be links to the exported all nice files in the documentation.
  • GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET: default to "". If set, will add a webhook location at /GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET/update that will pull and update the game data. If it's not set, the endpoint is not created.
  • GITHUB_WEBHOOK_GIT_PULL: default to False. If set, the app will do git pull on the gamedata repos when the webhook above is used.
  • GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SLEEP: default to 0. If set, will delay the action above by GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SLEEP seconds.
  • BLOOM_SHARD: default to 0. Bloom shard that is used for caching.
  • REDIS_PREFIX: default to fgoapi. Prefix for redis keys.

You can also make a .env file at the project root with the following entries instead of setting the environment variables:

NA_POSTGRESDSN="postgresql://username:[email protected]:5432/fgoapiNA"
JP_POSTGRESDSN="postgresql://username:[email protected]:5432/fgoapiJP"


Secret variables can also be put in the secrets folder instead of being supplied as environment variable:

> cat .\secrets\jp_postgresdsn
postgresql://username:[email protected]:5432/fgoapiJP
> cat .\secrets\na_postgresdsn
postgresql://username:[email protected]:5432/fgoapiNA
> cat .\secrets\rayshift_api_key
> cat .\secrets\github_webhook_secret
> cat .\secrets\redisdsn

Run the API server

Run at the project root to start the API server:

> uvicorn app.main:app --reload --log-level debug --reload-dir app

INFO:     Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)
INFO:     Started reloader process [16680] using watchgod
INFO      fgoapi: Loading game data …
INFO      fgoapi: Loaded game data in 15.14s.
INFO:     Started server process [33312]
INFO:     Waiting for application startup.
INFO:     Application startup complete.
DEBUG     fgoapi: Processed in 0.21ms.
INFO: - "GET / HTTP/1.1" 307 Temporary Redirect
DEBUG     fgoapi: Processed in 0.24ms.
INFO: - "GET /rapidoc HTTP/1.1" 200 OK

Go to or for the API documentation.


  • main.py: Main entrypoint of the application.
  • routers/: Routers to deal with incoming requests. The routers call functions from core to get the response data.
  • core/: Build response data. Get raw data from either db/helpers/ or the masters object in data/gamedata.
  • data/: Import master data and translations data into memory.
  • data/gamedata.py: has the masters object containing some master data as Pydantic objects. The masters object is used for frequently accessed master data.
  • db/: DB stuffs.
  • db/helpers/: Functions to be used by core to get data from the DB.
  • schemas/: Response Pydantic models.
  • models/: SQLAlchemy Core Tables.


pylint and mypy are used to lint the code. pylint's configuration and mypy's configuration are in pyproject.toml.


isort and black are used to format the code. isort's configuration is in pyproject.toml and black uses default settings.

isort app tests export scripts; black app tests export scripts

prettier is used to format the json files.

prettier --write tests/*/*.json
prettier --write export/*/Nice*.json
prettier --write export/*/*UserLevel.json --print-width 50


Use poetry to manage the dependencies. Run poetry export after adding a production dependency.

poetry export -f requirements.txt -o requirements.txt


Run pytest at project root to run the tests or use coverage to get coverage statistics.

coverage run --source=app/ -m pytest; coverage html

Helper scripts


Take the dump.cs generated by Il2CppDumper and write the gameenums.py file.

python scripts/extract_enums.py dump.cs_path app/schemas/gameenums.py


Update equip_names.json with new NA CEs translations. --jp-master and --na-master arguments are not needed if environment variables JP_GAMEDATA and NA_GAMEDATA are set or added to the .env file.

python scripts/update_ce_translation.py --jp-master jp_master_path --na-master na_master_path


Update the rayshiftQuest tables with the list of available quests from Rayshift. This script should be run periodically to update the rayshiftQuest list.

python -m scripts.load_rayshift_quest_list


Run this script when the master data changed to update the tests or when new tests are added.

python -m tests.get_test_data --raw --nice --basic
GitHub - atlasacademy/fgo-game-data-api: HTTP API for FGO game data. Transform the raw game data into something a bit more manageable.
HTTP API for FGO game data. Transform the raw game data into something a bit more manageable. - GitHub - atlasacademy/fgo-game-data-api: HTTP API for FGO game data. Transform the raw game data into...