Hyperlinks for pydantic models

In a typical web application relationships between resources are modeled by primary and foreign keys in a database (integers, UUIDs etc.). The most natural way to represent relationships in REST APIs is by URLs to the related resources (explained in this blog).

hrefs makes it easy to add hyperlinks between pydantic models in a declarative way. Just declare a Href field and the library will automatically convert between keys and URLs:

class Book(ReferrableModel):
    id: int

    class Config:
        details_view = "get_book"

class Library(BaseModel):
    books: List[Href[Book]]

def get_library():
    # Will produce something like:
    # {"books":["http://example.com/books/1","http://example.com/books/2","http://example.com/books/3"]}
    return Library(books=[1,2,3]).json()

hrefs was written especially with FastAPI in mind, but integrates to any application or framework using pydantic to parse and serialize models.

Check out the documentation to get started!


Install the library using pip or your favorite package management tool:

$ pip install hrefs


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