Image processing and Machine learning labs

computer vision, image processing and machine learning on the web browser or node.


  • Fast Fourier Transform (1D/2D-FFT)
  • Stereo Matching
  • Poisson Image Editing
  • Line Segment Detector
  • Corner Detection
  • Fish-Eye Transform
  • Image Processing Filters
  • Image Histogram Calculation
  • Image Feature Extraction
  • Decision Tree Learning
  • K-Means++ Clustering
  • Logistic Regression
  • Adaptive Regularization of Weight Vectors (AROW)
  • Soft Confidence Weighted Learning (SCW)
  • Gradient Boosting Decision Tree (GBDT)
  • Neural Network (Denoising Autoencoders)
  • 3D Shape Drawing (Mobius Strip, Klein Bottle, Heart Surface ...)
  • WebGL Samples
  • etc..