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I heard you like codes so I put C into BashScript into Python.

Inspired by MockMoulinette https://github.com/kristofk/MockMoulinette


  1. Because I got rekt by C00
  2. Because why do things manually when you can: Try to automate 5 min tasks and spectacularly fail after 10 hours.
  3. I’ve always wanted to learn Popen. It’s the pathway to the dark side.
  4. I skipped Shell01

Why Python?

“I ran out of time. ” – said this guy

How it works:

Py_Mock_Moulinette will “try” to KAPUT your code by compiling and running it against expected values.

Pure python standard lib. No venv no pip shenanigans.

*check if files names collide before you proceed. cp overwrites by default

git clone https://github.com/Lodimup/42_Py_Mock_Moulinette.git
cp -r 42_Py_Mock_Moulinette/ <root_of_your_repo>/
cd <root_of_your_repo>
python3 PMM.py

After you’re done to send PMM to the afterworld ( delete )

bash goodbye_PMM.sh

Pull requests welcome

Pro tips. Yell “MOULINETTEEEEEEEE” while testing to increase your chance of Moulinette not rekting you by exactly 0%.


Parse Norminette stdout
Finish Shell01


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