Image Segmentation Keras : Implementation of Segnet, FCN, UNet and other models in Keras.


  • FCN8
  • FCN32
  • Simple Segnet
  • VGG Segnet
  • U-Net
  • VGG U-Net

Getting Started


  • Keras 2.0
  • opencv for python
  • Theano
sudo apt-get install python-opencv
sudo pip install --upgrade theano
sudo pip install --upgrade keras

Preparing the data for training

You need to make two folders

  • Images Folder - For all the training images
  • Annotations Folder - For the corresponding ground truth segmentation images

The filenames of the annotation images should be same as the filenames of the RGB images.

The size of the annotation image for the corresponding RGB image should be same.

For each pixel in the RGB image, the class label of that pixel in the annotation image would be the value of the blue pixel.

Example code to generate annotation images :

import cv2
import numpy as np

ann_img = np.zeros((30,30,3)).astype('uint8')
ann_img[ 3 , 4 ] = 1 # this would set the label of pixel 3,4 as 1

cv2.imwrite( "ann_1.png" ,ann_img )

Only use bmp or png format for the annotation images.

Download the sample prepared dataset

Download and extract the following:

Place the dataset1/ folder in data/

Visualizing the prepared data

You can also visualize your prepared annotations for verification of the prepared data.

python \
 --images="data/dataset1/images_prepped_train/" \
 --annotations="data/dataset1/annotations_prepped_train/" \

Downloading the Pretrained VGG Weights

You need to download the pretrained VGG-16 weights trained on imagenet if you want to use VGG based models

mkdir data
cd data
wget ""

Training the Model

To train the model run the following command:

THEANO_FLAGS=device=gpu,floatX=float32  python \
 --save_weights_path=weights/ex1 \
 --train_images="data/dataset1/images_prepped_train/" \
 --train_annotations="data/dataset1/annotations_prepped_train/" \
 --val_images="data/dataset1/images_prepped_test/" \
 --val_annotations="data/dataset1/annotations_prepped_test/" \
 --n_classes=10 \
 --input_height=320 \
 --input_width=640 \

Choose model_name from vgg_segnet vgg_unet, vgg_unet2, fcn8, fcn32

Getting the predictions

To get the predictions of a trained model

THEANO_FLAGS=device=gpu,floatX=float32  python \
 --save_weights_path=weights/ex1 \
 --epoch_number=0 \
 --test_images="data/dataset1/images_prepped_test/" \
 --output_path="data/predictions/" \
 --n_classes=10 \
 --input_height=320 \
 --input_width=640 \