This is an implementation for mosaic image augmention with YOLO format

Run code to perform mosaic augmentation:

python --width 800 --height 800 --scale_x 0.4 --scale_y 0.6 --min_area 500 --min_vi 0.3

You can change parameters to fit with your dataset. To know details about arguments in the command above, run

python --help
  • --width: width of mosaic-augmented image
  • --height: height of mosaic-augmented image
  • --scale_x: scale_x – scale by width => define width of the top left image
  • --scale_y: scale_y – scale by height => define height of the top left image
  • --min_area: min area of box after augmentation we will keep
  • --min_vi: min area ratio of box after/before augmentation we will keep


With 4 input images

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

Output mosaic augmented image with YOLO format

Mosaic-augmented image Image with bboxes


  • Original images in the folder images
  • Orginal labels (bounding boxes) in the folder labels
  • Image and label have the same name. For example: img_0.jpeg – img_0.txt.
  • Format of image can be: .jpg, .jpeg, .png …
  • Mosaic-augmented images will be in the folder augmentation/mosaic_images. New labels will be in the folder augmentation/mosaic_labels. These folder will be automatically created when you run the code above.


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