Vision Transformer for Small-Size Datasets

Seung Hoon Lee and Seunghyun Lee and Byung Cheol Song | Paper

Inha University


Recently, the Vision Transformer (ViT), which applied the transformer structure to the image classification task, has outperformed convolutional neural networks. However, the high performance of the ViT results from pre-training using a large-size dataset such as JFT-300M, and its dependence on a large dataset is interpreted as due to low locality inductive bias. This paper proposes Shifted Patch Tokenization (SPT) and Locality Self-Attention (LSA), which effectively solve the lack of locality inductive bias and enable it to learn from scratch even on small-size datasets. Moreover, SPT and LSA are generic and effective add-on modules that are easily applicable to various ViTs. Experimental results show that when both SPT and LSA were applied to the ViTs, the performance improved by an average of 2.96% in Tiny-ImageNet, which is a representative small-size dataset. Especially, Swin Transformer achieved an overwhelming performance improvement of 4.08% thanks to the proposed SPT and LSA.


Shifted Patch Tokenization


Locality Self-Attention


Model Performance

Small-Size Dataset Classification

Model FLOPs CIFAR10 CIFAR100 SVHN Tiny-ImageNet
ViT 189.8 93.58 73.81 97.82 57.07
SL-ViT 199.2 94.53 76.92 97.79 61.07
T2T 643.0 95.30 77.00 97.90 60.57
SL-T2T 671.4 95.57 77.36 97.91 61.83
CaiT 613.8 94.91 76.89 98.13 64.37
SL-CaiT 623.3 95.81 80.32 98.28 67.18
PiT 279.2 94.24 74.99 97.83 60.25
SL-PiT 322.9 95.88 79.00 97.93 62.91
Swin 242.3 94.46 76.87 97.72 60.87
SL-Swin 284.9 95.93 79.99 97.92 64.95

Accuracy-Throughput Graph


How to train models

Pure ViT

python --model vit 


python --model swin --is_LSA --is_SPT 


      title={Vision Transformer for Small-Size Datasets}, 
      author={Seung Hoon Lee and Seunghyun Lee and Byung Cheol Song},


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