Graph Transformer - Pytorch

Implementation of Graph Transformer in Pytorch, for potential use in replicating Alphafold2. This was recently used by both Costa et al and Bakers lab for transforming MSA and pair-wise embedding into 3d coordinates.


  • add rotary embeddings for injecting adjacency information


$ pip install graph-transformer-pytorch


import torch
from graph_transformer_pytorch import GraphTransformer

model = GraphTransformer(
    dim = 256,
    depth = 6,
    edge_dim = 512,             # optional - if left out, edge dimensions is assumed to be the same as the node dimensions above
    with_feedforwards = True,   # whether to add a feedforward after each attention layer, suggested by literature to be needed
    gated_residual = True       # to use the gated residual to prevent over-smoothing

nodes = torch.randn(1, 128, 256)
edges = torch.randn(1, 128, 128, 512)
mask = torch.ones(1, 128).bool()

nodes, edges = model(nodes, edges, mask = mask)

nodes.shape # (1, 128, 256) - project to R^3 for coordinates


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