Vulkan Light Bakary

MSU Graphics Group Student's Diploma Project

Project Goal

The goal of the project is to implement and improve Activision's UberBake Light Baking System using Vulkan. You can find a detailed proposal of this project here: SIGGRAPH 2020 Paper.

Building the Project

  1. Clone this repository with the --recurse-submodules flag.
  2. Build the project using the standard CMake building process.
git clone [email protected]:Reefufui/vulkan-light-bakary.git --recurse-submodules
cd vulkan-light-bakary
mkdir build
cd build
conan install ..
cmake ..
make -j 10

Project Timeline

Diploma project plan


  1. UberBake Light Baking System

References and Acknowledgments

GitHub - Reefufui/vulkan-light-bakary at
Implementation of light baking system for ray tracing based on Activision’s UberBake - GitHub - Reefufui/vulkan-light-bakary at