trRosetta - Pytorch (wip)

Implementation of trRosetta and trDesign for Pytorch, made into a convenient package, for protein structure prediction and design. Will also contain an experimental version of trRosetta that uses attention. The concept of trDesign will also be abstracted into a wrapper in this repository, so that it can be applied to Alphafold2 once it is replicated. Please join the efforts there if you would like to see this happen!

The original repository can be found here


$ pip install tr-rosetta-pytorch


As a command-line tool, to run a structure prediction

$ tr_rosetta <input-file.a3m>


import torch
from tr_rosetta_pytorch import trRosettaNetwork

model = trRosettaNetwork(
    filters = 64,
    kernel = 3,
    num_layers = 61

x = torch.randn(1, 526, 140, 140).cuda()

theta, phi, distance, omega = model(x)


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