Make Better Defaults

Author: Kjell Wooding [email protected]

This is the git repo for Makefiles: One great trick for making your conda environments more managable. A Pydata Global 2021 talk given on October 28, 2021 by Kjell Wooding.

Getting Started

To get started, type “make”.

To follow along, watch the video once it’s posted.

To learn more about Easydata, the framework that generated this repo, see the Getting Started Guide.

The Tips

  1. Use git and virtual environments. Always.
  2. Good workflow trumps good tooling
  3. Good workflow means not having to remember things
  4. Use one virtual environment per git repo. Give them both the same name.
  5. Maintain virtual environments as code.
  6. Use Lockfiles: Separate “what you want” from “what you need”.
  7. Auto-document your workflow
  8. Don’t be afraid to “Nuke it from orbit”

The Implementation


Directory Structure

See Project Organization for details on how this project is organized on disk.

This project was built using Easydata, a python framework aimed at making your data science workflow reproducible.


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