Kubernates Config Manager

Sometimes we need manage more than one kubernates cluster at the same time.

Switch cluster configs is a dangerous and troublesome operation. This util is designed to
deal with this scenario. Similar to pyenv, it can support multiple configs at the same time.


  • git clone https://github.com/wenyangchou/KubeConfigManager.git

  • add the KubeConfigManager/bin into $PATH


cm [-options] [args…]

Options include:

add <name> <path>             Add kubeconfig into manager.
apply <name>                  Apply a kubeconfig into local environment. Note: it could overwrite the origin
                               environment config. Please ensure your origin config has been backuped.
remove <name>                 Remove a kubeconfig which has been add into the manager.
list                          List kubeconfigs has been added.


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