Okay, hear me out:

I know about I made this Library out of boredom, pretty much.

PLUS: InfiniPy has some neat features – like the endpoint_for function.

Get started:

import infinipy

USER_ID = 899722893603274793
BOT_ID  = 909882795768315986
user = infinipy.fetchUserSync(USER_ID) # Will return infinipy.core.User()
bot = infinipy.fetchBotSync(BOT_ID) # Will return infinipy.core.Bot()


print("Bot Stats:")
print("Votes: "+str(bot.analytica['votes']
print("User Stats:")
print("Nick: " + + "\nBio: "+ user.about) 

Determining if Someone’s a User or a bot using endpoint_for()

Ah yes, the Problem of determining if someone’s a Bot or not…
So, let’s assume that you want to make a bot that can get Infos using an info command
BUT it must be able to detect wether you specified a User or a Bot.

Well, the infinipy.helpers module added in V0.2 should be able to help you!

In theory, this is the code:

from infinipy.helpers import APISession, endpoint_for

session = APISession("BOT_ID")
obj = session.fetch()

In a Bot maybe like this:

async def iblinfo(ctx,_Id):
  session = APISession(_Id)
  object = session.fetch()
  await ctx.send(

And that’s it for V0.2!


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