This is the bot I used to win a 3d printer filament giveaway on Instagram.

Usually giveaways require you to tag other people, so I made a bot to tag people in the commments.

It works with macros on a browser.

Usage is simple:

  1. Configure by changing:
    • Number of giveaways the bot will work for.
    • The number of accounts needed for a comment.
    • Prefixes (hashtags or words if needed).
    • The main modifier key for changing tabs in the browser (Cmd for mac in safari and chrome, Ctrl for windows)
  2. Create a file named names.txtand add account names (in seperate lines) you want to use in the comments. (e.g. @eyusufatik)
  3. Run the bot with python3
  4. Open up tabs for the giveaways (these tabs must be the only tabs in that window) and leave the pointer on the comment input box.
  5. Press * to start the bot.
  6. Press - to stop the bot.

The bot doesn’t stop when it hits the Instagram per-hour-comment limit. I had written observer.js to try and see if I can catch the limit pop-up to make the bot stop, but I haven’t fully implemented it yet. The plan is when the pop-up is “catched” the js code will send some message to my bot over sockets and let the bot know it should go into cooldown mode. To be honest, I haven’t made any changes to the project in over a year and I don’t plan to; so this feature won’t be ever implemented probably.


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