Instagram Helper Script

Instagram Scripts for various tasks automation.

This JavaScript has helper methods to perform various tasks automation.


  1. Windows 7/8/10
  2. Chrome Browser

How to delete/unsend all messages? ⁉

  1. Install Chrome Browser
  2. Open Notepad
  3. Copy all the code from InstagramHelperChrome.js file and paste in the notepad.
  4. Save the notepad file with InstagramHelperChrome.js name on Desktop (".js" at the end of file extension is needed)
  5. Double Click the file InstagramHelperChrome.js
  6. This file will then generate a Chrome Shortcut on your Desktop with name InstagramHelperChrome
  7. Open that Special Chrome Browser using that shortcut.
  8. Open
  9. Press F12 (Developer Tools) or Ctrl+Shift+I
  10. Open any chat and then see the link should be such as (
  11. Note and copy the last long numerical digits from link to some notepad.
  12. Those digits is your chat thread Id.
  13. Now Copy the InstagramHelper.js file contents and paste it in Console tab
  14. Copy Paste the following code in Console and Hit Enter
  15. var ig  = new InstagramHelper();
  16. After that you will see getting messages... displayed in the console window and Deleting... will be displayed whenever it starts deleting.
  17. At the end it will show All messages deleted., So you have unsended every message that you sent.
  18. If you want to confirm if any of the messages are skipped or left to delete then you can run the following to get the number of messages that you send which are not yet deleted.
  19. var ig  = new InstagramHelper();
  20. After it says All Messages fetched, No More messages to fetch, run the following code to get the number of messages which are yet to delete.
  21. console.log(ig.p_itemsIdArray.length);
  22. Deleting messages is kept intentionally slow because Instagram has limit to delete number of messages in per second.
  23. If we delete fastly then Instagram servers detects it as bot and then unsending is not allowed with the session temporarily, until you logout and relogin. So to avoid getting detected, we have kept a delay in the code to delete messages with specific interval of time.

  24. As and when it says All Messages Deleted it has deleted all the messages in the chat.
  25. It is very tedious and time consuming process, but efficient and better than doing it manually. One can simply open a new chrome browser window and follow the simple steps and minimise it.


Getting errors displayed in console while running the code ?

  • There might be some errors related to Instagram site, not every error displayed on console are from our script.
  • If error persists and repeats everytime, then close browser logout and relogin and then try running the code.

Getting too often "Try again tomorrow" Error or 429 Response Code? ?

  • Try to close the browser re-open Instagram and logout then login.
  • Instead of running this ig.startUnsending("your_chat_thread_Id"); run with more higher number of delay by default it is 3500 milliseconds, try other values like 4500, 5500, 6500 ig.startUnsending("your_chat_thread_Id",5500);

How to stop unsending process? ?

  • Refresh the browser or Close the browser or Restart the computer.

Upcoming features !!! ?

  1. Get list of media sent, and unsend selected medias only. (such as video, photos).