TeamSpeak-MatterBridge Bot

You can use this bot to integrate TeamSpeak Chat with MatterBridge. With the support of Azure Text-to-Speech broadcast.

The main framework of this bot is from ShaBren/ts-irc.


  1. Start your TeamSpeak Server, set up Server Query for it. Don’t forget to whitelist your IP.
  2. Start your MatterBridge instance, add an entry like this:

  1. Apply for Azure Speech Service API.
  2. Get TS3AudioBot running.
  3. Rename to, then fill all your API information.
  4. Modify the as you need. (For example, the English prompts were commented out, just uncomment them. And you may also need to edit get_ssml() to produce proper voice prompts)
  5. Run start.cmd

Remember, Channel 1 will always be the “intercommunicating channel”. To protect your private chat, add a channel password for it.


  • !ts getinfo See who’s in the server and which channels they’re chatting on.
  • !ts [MESSAGE] The message followed will be broadcasted serverwide, with voice prompts.


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