Builds on the work from DMarby/vyos-tailscale and integrates tailscale as a configurable service in vyos


Building an ISO requires docker to be accessible from the user calling build.py


The resulting iso will be available under vendor/vyos-build/build/vyos-1.3-equuleus-tailscale-amd64.iso


  • Add support for selecting a vyos-1x commit hash to build from
  • Add support for building the current (1.4) branch of vyos
  • Add support for configuring the tailscale listening port from the vyos cli
  • Add the tailscale interface to vyos to make autocomplete easier for things like firewall configuration, as well as having it show up under show interfaces
  • Properly handle the case where we are bringing up tailscale for the first time, instead of just catching TimeoutExpired