Power Pay with Rapyd

B2B payments are done smart, fast, and in an extra secure way with Microsoft’s Power Platform tools

NOTE: Please check the Judge section for email and password to access the Microsoft office tenant used to build this application and steps to test the application

YouTube Demo Video 📺📺

Click here to watch the demo


Setup environment variable

Please set the below variables

  • RAPYD_ACCESS_KEY – Rapyd sandbox access key
  • RAPYD_SECRET_KEY – Rapyd sandbox secret key
  • MSFT_CLIENT_ID – Microsoft Azure Active Directory Client ID
  • MSFT_CLIENT_SECRET – Microsoft Azure Active Directory Client Secret
  • TENANT_ID – Microsoft Account Tenant ID
  • RAPYD_URL – Rapyd’s sandbox URL
  • SITE_ID – SharePoint Site ID you wish to connect to

Run Tests

Note: Set the Rapyd environment variable before running the tests

python -m unittest discover

Architecture Diagram

Architecture Diagram

Dashboard – Dark



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