Intel Realsense t265 into Unreal Engine. Windows only, and Livelink plugin is 4.26.2 only at the moment. Might recompile it for different versions if you want.

Simple script that sends data into Unreal Engine through the JSON liveLink plugin. This will be updated later, for a complete working instruction.


  1. Install python 3.7.9, and remember too add it to PATH https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.7.9/python-3.7.9-amd64.exe
  2. do “pip install pyrealsense2” in CMD
  3. And run with “py tracker.py”
  4. Create a c++ project, and install JSON-Livelink Enhanced plugin into your project – https://github.com/clintonman/JSONLiveLink/tree/enhanced When its built, it can be copied to other non c++ projects in the same version5.
  5. OR download precompiled plugin from this repository. Current versions are 4.26.2 and 4.27.0
  6. Configure livelink to recieve on localhost.


  1. Add livelink component to your camera


  1. choose MHtrack as your “Subject representation”


Thats it!