Start Intelligent Systems Project

$ cd ~/catkin_ws/src
$ git clone
$ cd ~/catkin_ws && catkin_make

If you don’t remove preproject folders, you would have some conflicts. Also, we recommend delete /devel and /build folders before compiling catkin workspace.

$ cd {DIR_sim2real}/project
$ cd {TEAM_NAME} && mkdir project
$ cp ../RLLAB/project/ {TEAM_NAME}

Copy the skeleton code to your repository and implement TODO parts.

$ cd {DIR_sim2real}
$ vi CMakeLists.txt  # then change the value of TEAM_NAME
$ cd ~/catkin_ws && catkin_make

Please change TEAM_NAME in CMakeLists.txt and recompile the packages.

Evaluation your code

$ roslaunch sim2real base.launch

Open another terminal, then execute the below command.

$ rosrun sim2real

Finally, you open one more terminal, and publish topic manually.

$ rostopic pub /team std_msgs/String "data: '{TEAM_NAME}'"

If you have any questions, please contact to TAs or use repository issue.


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