Arghonaut is an interactive interpreter, visualizer, and debugger for
Argh! and Aargh!, which are
Befunge-like esoteric programming
languages by Sascha Wilde. Arghonaut is written in Python and includes an
ncurses interface.

Arghonaut was created by Aaron Friesen for FOSS Jam
2021, a hackathon hosted by the
UNL Operating Systems and Open Source Group.


  • Python 3
  • curses (for the visualizer)


To install Arghonaut, simply clone the repository. To use the UI, make sure you
have ncurses or a suitable equivalent installed.


To run Arghonaut, execute the following command, where src.agh is an Argh!
or Aargh! source code file:

python3 src.agh

For more detailed usage information, run:

python3 --help


Arghonaut supports the following keybindings:

  • . or Enter: step through execution
  • Space: automatically step through execution (0.1 second delay) or pause
  • c: continue until next input
  • hjkl: move the editing cursor
  • b: return the cursor to the instruction pointer
  • g: jump the instruction pointer to the cursor
  • i: enter insert mode (the next character you type will be written into the
    code at the cursor position)
  • o: open a new line
  • r: reset state (excluding unsaved code changes)
  • n: reset program (including unsaved code changes)
  • s: save current code changes to program state (does not modify source file)
  • q or Escape: quit

Batch Mode

Arghonaut can be run in batch mode by adding the --batch flag. In this mode,
the ncurses interface will not be displayed, and input and output will be
performed via standard input and standard output. Programs can be run
interactively with standard input from the keyboard, or with redirected or
piped input.


This repository includes some sample Argh! and Aargh! programs written by me
(Aaron Friesen). For more examples, refer to the
Argh! Mercurial repository.


If you want to submit a pull request, please follow these guidelines:

  • Run the project on some samples to test for bugs.
  • Copy the license notice into any new source files.
  • Run the flake8 linter to check for and fix any coding style issues.


Arghonaut is licensed under the
GNU General Public License Version 3.
Argh! is licensed under the
GNU General Public License Version 2,
and permits the use of later versions of the license.


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