The programming language written on Python, which can be as interpreted as compiled.

HoneyASM is easy for use very optimized PL, which can solve a lot of problems with modern PLs

Some features:

  • Pseudocode-like syntax
  • easy to make hybrid with FASM
  • A lot of libs will be written for it on assembler, in goal the best speed

Install GIT:

git clone https://github.com/vanosoft/HoneyASM.git

Interprete your code with:

<honeypath>/hnyrt.exe <filepath> for windows and '<honeypath>/hnyrt.bin <filepath>' for linux

GitHub - vanosoft/HoneyASM at pythonawesome.com
Interpreting-compiling programming language. Contribute to vanosoft/HoneyASM development by creating an account on GitHub.