This is a working model for which I have used python.

This model can: 1)Play a video or song on youtube. 2)Tell us time. 3)Tell us computer related jokes. 4)and you search for a person and meaning of words using wikepedia.

modules used: (note for python verion 10 and plus)

  1. speech_recognition —-> pip install SpeechRecognition
  2. pyttsx3 —-> pip install pyttsx3
  3. pyaudio —-> pip install pipwin —-> pipwin install pyaudio
  4. pywhatkit —-> pip install pywhatkit
  5. datetime —-> pre-installed with python
  6. wikipedia —-> installed with pywhatkit still you can check it with —-> pip install wikipedia
  7. pyjokes —-> pip install pyjokes


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