jsbuild – A simple build tool for JavaScript

jsbuild is a simple build tool for JavaScript projects. It is designed to work with my workflow, but I hope it can be useful to others as well.

Instead of working with packages like npm, jsbuild uses file imports from JS Modules. To build a project, you don’t need any boilerplate project files. Pointing jsbuild to a JS file will download any dependencies, build the project, and output a single JS file.

jsbuild is written in Python as a single .py file. You can either install it through pip or just download the file and run it directly.

Installation through pip

To install jsbuild through pip, run one of the following commands:

pip3 install js-build-cli


python3 -m pip install js-build-cli

Installation through download

curl -o jsbuild https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gkbrk/jsbuild/master/jsbuild.py
chmod +x jsbuild

After downloading the file, you can run it directly or add it to your PATH.

./jsbuild --help


cp jsbuild /usr/bin/jsbuild
jsbuild --help


cp jsbuild ~/.local/bin/jsbuild
jsbuild --help


You can run jsbuild --help to see the available commands. The most important command is build, which builds the project.


jsbuild requires Python 3 and Java. Depending on the functionality you use, you may need to install additional command line tools as well.


jsbuild is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.


Rigth now, the best way to contribute to the project is to use it and report any issues you find. The more users we have, the more issues we can find and the better the project will be.

Aside from issues, you can also contribute code and documentation.

Contibutors are expected to sign the Developer Certificate of Origin. Feel free to send patches and pull requests as long they have an indication that you agree to the DCO.


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