This repository contains the submitted patch files of the various tasks assigned by JPMorgan Chase & Co. through its Software Engineering Virtual Experience Program on Forage (formerly Inside Shepra).
Through the program, I had virtual hands-on experience on how software development works at a organization.

Task-1 : Interface with a stock price data feed

I learnt, How to,

1. Set up the system by downloading the necessary repository, files, tools and dependencies.

2. Fix the broken client datafeed script in the repository by making the required adjustments to it.

3. Generate a patch file of the changes made.

I worked on,

financial data   python   git   basic programming

Task-2 : Use JPMorgan Chase frameworks and tools

I learnt, How to,

Fix the broken typescript files in repository to make the web application output correctly.

I worked on,

react   typescript   web applications

Task-3 : Display data visually for traders

I learnt, How to,

Modify the typescript files in repository to make the web application behave in the expected manner.

technical communication   financial analysis   web applications

My Certificate of Completion

certificate of completion


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