JSON and CSV data for swahili dictionary with over 16600+ words.

This repo consists of data from swahili dictionary with about 16683 words together with their meaning, synonyms and conjugations.

This repo couldn’t exist without Kamusi-Mobile, Thanks to great effort done by Jack Siro.

So how this data was generated ?

This data is result of webscraping done to kamusi with help of selenium and BeautifulSoup.

There are basically two scripts, one for scraping app.py while the other one to_json serves a purpose of converting scraped CSV data into json tha can easily be used by others.

Gathering data

I’m currently gathering and organizing swahili data mainly for doing NLP purposes, if you now any other places that we can scrap useful data in swahili please raise an issue for it.

Looking forward to see what you’re going to build with it.

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